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We Utilize Technology to Advance an Industry

When you join GemFind you are part of a much larger community. You join a network of hundreds of Jewelers, Vendors, and Trade Organizations all connected and rallied around a digital network. With this level of connectivity we as an Industry are capable of accomplishing things that were never before thought possible.

Member Benefits:

  • Full Custom Websites and Interactive Media Design
  • Affordable Template Based Jewelry Specific Websites
  • Integrated Technology Applications for Existing Websites
  • Vendor Data Ananlytics, Creation, Management & Streaming
  • Diamond Search, Ring Builder, Stud Earrings Builder (Matched Pairs) & Pendant Builder
  • Social Media Marketing, Optimization, & Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization & Internet Advertising (Pay Per click, Ad words, Affiliate Marketing)

It Takes A Village

We’re industry socialites – AGS, AGTA, CJA, 24K Club, JVC, InStore, Buyers Intelligence Group, Platinum Guild, Prestige Promenade, Top Industry Brands … We know and love this industry and our passion for improving it will continue to benefit our network.

Connecting the Wholesale Jewelry Industry to the Global Marketplace

Founded in 1999, GemFind is a privately held, Newport Beach, California-based company. GemFind is an international company with team members working throughout the world from North America and South America to Europe, Asia, and Australia, bringing together a powerful combination of gem and jewelry industry expertise with breaking technical know-how.

GemFind has evolved the B2B wholesale diamond jewelry and gemstone marketplace for the entire jewelry industry, making it a truly global company. The GemFind Network and website connects wholesale gemstone and wholesale diamond jewelry dealers from all over the world, giving them access to a comprehensive set of online sales and marketing services. This reduces overhead costs while increasing each member’s exposure and market share in the competitive worldwide marketplace.

As GemFind celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2014, the company continues to offer the services that started it all – creating state-of-the-art websites. But the internet has changed, and so have the ways people access it. GemFind’s range of services have changed as well to become the global gem and jewelry industry’s single source for online services, from mobile apps to inventory management solutions to comprehensive digital marketing packages and content creation for your company’s social media and business websites.

The game-changing developments since GemFind’s inception are the global proliferation of mobile devices (soon to become the chief method of web browsing) and the advent of social media. The numbers are very telling about current and future trends of internet access and usage. Six out of every seven people in the world have internet access. And, one in every four people in the world use social networks. By 2017, experts predict the global social audience will reach 2.55 billion. GemFind has developed platforms and programs to tap into this explosive potential with custom apps and websites optimized for mobile devices to customized online marketing packages that will help customers find your business through all the online clutter.

Digital marketing has become a vital part of this online strategy. With increased competition on the internet and social media websites, businesses rely on GemFind’s digital marketing to be found online, create customer touch points, and ultimately convert sales. At the heart of every GemFind custom digital marketing package is social media optimization, SEO (Search Engine optimization), and search engine marketing. Through online brand management and social network community building, GemFind maximizes your company’s online marketing investments.

Universal internet access has also changed how consumers purchase jewelry, which has opened up another range of services from GemFind. These days it’s all about customization. From mobile devices to jewelry, today’s consumers thrive on personalization and the online experiences to accomplish that goal. GemFind’s response to this trend is Ring Builder, with templates and intuitive tools; Ring Builder gives jewelry professionals and their customers jewelry customization applications featuring superior quality graphics – and video renderings coming in the first quarter of 2014.

Many GemFind retail customers have included Ring Builder applications in their GemFind-created websites that have responsive viewing capabilities. GemFind is the only Ring Builder technology of its kind to adjust automatically the height and width of the application based on how it is being viewed. Jewel Cloud is another program developed by GemFind. The industry’s first “social product network” allows a retailer jeweler to find vendors through GemFind’s global network of industry-leading wholesales and manufacturers, with a B2C version that informs and converts customer sales.

Equally important for jewelry professionals are managing operations and expenses. GemFind is a leader in vendor-managed virtual inventory. Whether it’s extensive diamond inventory or collections of trending finished jewelry, virtual showrooms can be customized to fit your company’s B2B needs as well as tailored ways to enhance in-store sales.

As GemFind Network continues to grow, the company is committed to launching more innovative products and services to help jewelry professionals. To learn more about GemFind’s services, and joining the GemFind Network, please visit the Services and Membership sections of this site or contact GemFind directly by email at or phone at 800-373-4373.

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